We are making a special appeal for commercial vehicle donations, like vans, trucks, needed for the transportation of students, equipment’s and supplies. If you have a vehicle you’re no longer using and would like to make a charitable donation, please contact our office. Vehicle donations are not as common as computer and book donations especially because of the high shipping costs and import duties, but we will take care of that credit you with a full Kelley Blue Book value for your donation. We are looking for vans and trucks that have been well cared for and are still serviceable with very little or no work needed. These vehicles are passed through directly to out outreach in Nigeria, to service the children in need need.

Thank you for considering helping someone in need with your used vehicle. Contact us at Postal Address: Box 6348 Philadelphia, PA 19139 Phone: 215-352-5113 Fax: 215 879-4472  Email: and we’ll walk you through the donation process.